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Mapping Strategies has performed the following services for the clients represented on the map:


"Iowa Primary Care Association (IPCA) has used Mapping Strategies services for policy analysis of several kinds in both long term and impromptu engagements and been very satisfied with the work.  Mapping Strategies content of the product was always tailored to our specific inquiry and likewise the mode of delivery was tailored for the particular uses: large scale framed maps for presentations, interactive computer maps for exploration of data, and more common PowerPoints.  In all of these different types of public policy evaluation, IPCA has been pleased with Mapping Strategies performance."

Sarah Dixon Gale, MPA - Senior Program Director - Iowa Primary Care Association


"Mapping Strategies provided the Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation (IPDC) a quantitative analysis of jail booking data from Polk County, Iowa to evaluate our Medication Assistance Program, which provides free psychotropic drugs to individuals being released from the jail through a federally qualified health center (FQHC) in Des Moines.  Addy, Mapping Strategies' President,  is published in this area and his analyses were of high quality, just as importantly they were easy to communicate with our funder (this is a community grant funded project) and other potential funders.  Further, the relationship has been so positive we hope to expand it."

Jon Rosmann - Executive Director - Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation


"Jim worked for many years with the Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (IFAPA) as a data, data analysis, survey research, and geographic information system (GIS) consultant while with State Public Policy Group.  The analysis was actionable and offered options to decision makers.  His approach was innovative and the analytical inquires he executed were supportive of IFAPA's public policy, our programs, and helped further our initiatives. 

An excellent example of Jim's innovative use of GIS was with a Recruitment and Retention of Foster Parents Project in the first half of 2004 where IFAPA worked with Jim to use GIS to support recruitment of foster homes and placement of foster children.  Federal legislation required the Iowa Department of Human Services (IDHS) engage in the practice of concurrent planning: both a foster home placement being planned for a foster child and reunification with the birth parents, while trying to make the foster placement within one county of the birth home and with the same ethnicity, which was the greatest proximity restraint given the ethnic makeup of Iowa.  IFAPA and Jim presented their preliminary GIS mapping results and sought department support to further the effort. 

It is refreshing to see seven years later that IDHS has finally embraced the idea and awarded another forward thinking agency, Four Oaks, an RFP to do just this kind of GIS problem solving: it's an innovative, worthwhile practical public policy solution and we applaud them.

I would strongly recommend Jim as he knows how to do this work, has been doing a good job at it, and has been doing it for years, before many others knew how it could be used.   He was working with our organization that did not have this understanding and skill.

Further, IFAPA did extensive survey research work with Jim.  An extensive survey of IFAPA membership was leveraged into several products: research; public policy; and GIS.  The series of publications that were derived from the research were highly informative and highly cost effective.

IFAPA's experiences with Jim have always been positive and his work of high quality."

Lynhon Stout - Executive Director - Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parents Association


"Mapping Strategies provided the City of Creston a quality personalized service that fit our needs. We had questions that ranged from the process to details on precisely what data the City needed to submit and all our institutional knowledge from the last redistricting had retired or moved on. Mapping Strategies promptly responded to all our questions (including onsite), explained our options, and provided us with the different kinds of data in different configurations. The large wall maps they produced were also invaluable for illustrations to us; explanations to the city council; and outreach to the public."

Michael Taylor - Creston City Administrator

Lisa Williamson - Creston City Clerk


"Ensuring Waverly-Shell Rock (WSR) gets the right federal allocations is paramount to me. That's why we appreciate the boundary correction services Mapping Strategies / ISFIS provided to us in 2011. During redistricting, Mapping Strategies found and explained to the district that the boundaries the US Census uses to determine Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) for Title I allocations did not include all of WSR's territory and therefore its potential pupils. Their large scale hardcopy maps were useful to convey the concepts and the edits being proposed. Further, they followed through on all the necessary submissions, so WSR now has the correct boundary for determining our allocations."

Dennis Stufflebeam - Business Manager - Waverly-Shell Rock CSD


"Mapping Strategies provided the Dallas Center-Grimes School District (DCG) a quality personalized redistricting service that addressed the process and all the district's filing needs. DCG needed a vendor to listen to district input, consider the natural affinities of the district, and be timely and agile in providing products. Mapping Strategies promptly responded to our needs including onsite consulting and next day delivery of additional large wall size maps after that consultation. If you still haven't completed your redistricting, know Mapping Strategies gave DCG what it needed quickly, conveniently, and professionally."

Scott Grimes - Superintendent - Dallas Center-Grimes CSD

Michele Wearmouth - Business Manager - Dallas Center-Grimes CSD