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Redistricting for Counties

Plan 1 Counties
Counties that are "Plan I" need only reprecincting services:

Tracking of the exchange of documents and acceptance will be coordinated through a strategic partnership with Municipal Data Strategies (MDS).

Add-Ons Available for purchase:

Plan 2 and 3 Counties
These counties will need the additional service of drawing districts for supervisors to represent. These districts must have minimal population variance (anything over 1% would need justification) and meet the compactness standards of legislative districts, to the extent possible. This will require additional GIS districting. The analysis will include descriptive data and statistics to justify compactness decisions.

Three options exists for Plan 2 and 3 counties, each would start with the precincting work described for Plan 1 counties and additionally include:

Premium Package

Up to THREE map scenarios: three redistricting options that meet the standards in Iowa Code for population variance and compactness from which the Board may choose as its supervisor district plan. This includes electronic PDFs, wall-size maps (roughly three feet by five feet) for display, smaller scale maps for individual viewing, filling additional SOS paperwork, and modifying the ordinance to account for both precincts and districts.

Base Package

ONE map scenario: one option that meets the standards in Iowa Code from which the Board may approve as its supervisor district plan. This includes an electronic PDF, a wall-sized map (roughly three feet by five feet) for display, and smaller scale maps for individual viewing.

As was the case for Plan 1 counties, add-ons available for purchase for Plan 2 and 3 counties: additional map scenarios, printed maps (up to 42 inches wide), GIS files, electronic graphics file of map option selected - district receives unlimited right to use & duplicate.

À la carte

Tell us what you need and want and we will put to together a bid for you: perhaps your own legal counsel wants an individualized resolution; maybe you do everything in house and only need GIS support; or maybe you only want resolution and filing help. No matter where your county is on the continuum of needs for outsourced help, our strategic partnership can put a bid together for you.