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Redistricting services for government entities are described below.  Mapping Strategies has provided and will continue to offer these into the future. (See Testimonials).

These GIS modeling services are identical to drawing districts, such as sales districts, for private firms.  The model allows several variables - total sales, total number of people, etc.-  to be considered and balanced simultaneously in making "districts."



All school districts with director districts and area education agencies MUST redraw their director districts after the decennial census or submit documentation that current districts still meet population requirements.



All cities with populations over 3,500 MUST compete certain analysis with Census data and provide that analysis along with other documentation, maps, and an ordinance to the Iowa Secretary of State. These cities also have the opportunity to precinct themselves and draw wards (voting districts) based on the decennial census.

Cities between 2,000 and 3,500 residents that have a joint city and county precinct (incorporated and unincorporated territory) MUST submit their agreements along with other documentation to the Iowa Secretary of State.



“Plan 1” Counties (supervisors elected at-large without districts) MUST submit precinct maps and documentation to the Secretary of State’s Office.

"Plan 2" or "Plan 3" Counties (not at-large election of supervisors) must submit plans on their supervisor districts that comply with the same rigorous standards as the legislative plan standards, in addition to the precinct documentation.