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Geocoding is a starting point for spatially relating data and allows for mission-centric planning.

Be Creative and Think Programmatically. Anything that exists can be represented spatially.

Census data analysis - alone or with Value Added Models - can yield POWERFUL INFORMATION.

What is geocoding?

Taking a list of addresses (points) and representing them on a map...
  • Any list of valid addresses can be geocoded.
  • It is the first step in figuring out how those “things” spatially fit into the world around us, especially in relationship to other “things.”
A GIS “file” is in fact several files, each with a purpose:
  • Graphic (map), database, projection (converting 3D to 2D space), and files to interface them with systems and each other.
  • It associates attribute or database information with geographic features so that they can be be analyzed and manipulated along with the geographic features.


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