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Welcome, It's School District Redistricting Season

Mapping Strategies is currently helping big districts - Des Moines ICSD and Cedar Rapids CSD - and smaller ones - Allamakee and Turkey Valley CSDs. If you are a school district that needs help with redistricting, please contact us. 

Our proceess begins with determining whether your district can keep its current director districts. Several clients have been able to do this, including the largest district, Des Moines.

Mapping Strategies is your partner in critical data analysis and planning. We leverage an array of tools to help your organization chart a path forward: geographic information systems; public opinion research; statistical data modeling; human subject research certification; and on-site large-scale media production.

Mapping Strategies helps people map a strategy with their data. People often ask what that means. Perhaps, the best definition is an ostensive one that shows one what we do. Check out our public facing map gallery or click on any link in the Table of Contents to the left to learn more about our services.


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